Why Choose Us

Track Record

Since its founding in early 2011, the OppCAP team has assisted GP clients in raising capital from a wide variety of institutional investors, including US public pension funds, corporate pension funds, OCIO platforms, consultants, endowments and foundations, insurance companies, family offices and wealth management platforms.

Our two longest GP client relationships have grown from less than $100 million in AUM at time of engagement to multi-billion dollar platforms who continue to exhibit strong growth.

Long-term Focus

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint” – OppCAP believes in multi-year relationships with GP Clients to facilitate long-term, multi-fund platform growth.

We strongly believe in the importance of strategic relationship building with the institutional investor community rather than “drive-by” fundraising.


OppCAP strives to do “first class business in a first class way” with a focus on conducting ourselves in an ethically strong and unambiguous manner.

Our clients speak better for us than we can speak for ourselves: long-term GP relationships are a validation of our approach.