Our Process

OppCAP employs a rigorous diligence and project management process to ensure it is working with best-in-class asset managers who are attractive partners for the institutional investor community.

Platform Development


Seek to identify and partner with asset managers that “mine the seams” of markets, have a demonstrable edge, and generate a return profile not available in traditional strategies.

Think like an LP: exhaustive diligence process focused on team, strategy, track record, deal processes, and operational infrastructure.

Project Management

Strive to convey “clarity from complexity” in a GP’s marketing materials and verbal presentations.

Work with GPs to address deficiencies in non-investment operations, advise on appropriate fund structure, and assist in institutionalizing offering materials.


Develop strategic marketing plan to focus initial efforts and prioritize certain investors and investor types.

Solicit feedback from select LPs to fine-tune certain aspects of the offering prior to the marketing campaign.



Team members’ longstanding experience has created enduring relationships with a broad, significant, and growing portion of the US Institutional Investor community.

The OppCAP team will often work as placement agent for GP Clients as Associated Persons of Gallatin Capital.

Investor Diligence

Understanding LP needs creates high quality GP introductions while enhancing our ability to facilitate diligence and provide relevant updates on material developments.

Work with GPs to develop materials required to successfully meet investor informational needs.

*Any placement activities by OppCAP team members are performed as Associated Persons of Gallatin Capital, and any placement mandate will be engaged through Gallatin Capital.