Our Approach


OppCAP focuses on opportunistic credit and/or real asset strategies that typically target double-digit net returns and an ongoing income component.

We aspire to be a “mile deep,” rather than a “mile wide.”


OppCAP is engaged by 7 or fewer Clients at a time and enters into only 1 – 2 new GP engagements per year.

We choose to have fewer engagements to ensure best execution for our clients.

Value Add

OppCAP selects GP clients who will benefit from our extensive network of North American LP relationships.

OppCAP adds value through effective positioning and articulation of the GP’s team, strategy and track record.


OppCAP believes marketing is a continuous process and seeks to partner with GPs in long-term, multi-fund relationships.

Agent fluency on GP strategy, performance, and human capital materially enhances communication and facilitates long-term partnership.